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Watson & Holmes

Watson & Holmes. Het spel bestaat uit aparte cases, elk heeft vragen die de spelers apart moeten proberen te beantwoorden voordat iemand anders dat doet. De spelers bezoeken locaties waar ze hints kunnen krijgen, iedere locatie kan maar door 1 speler tegelijk bezocht worden. De hints blijven geheim voor de andere spelers, kun jij het mysterie oplossen?






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Watson & Holmes. The game consists of a series of separate cases, each of which raises a number of questions that each player tries to solve before anyone else. To do this, once the case and the questions have been read aloud, players proceed to visit the locations where the clues are located. Each location cannot be accessed by more than one player at any one time, so if two or more players want to go to the same place, the player who travels there the fastest (i.e., he who uses the largest number of Carriage Tokens) gets the clue, forcing the others to go to a different location. Once every player has a destination, they proceed to read in secret the clue that was discovered at that location. They can discreetly take any notes they deem appropriate. Once this is done, the cards are returned to their place so that others can read them in later turns.

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