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Master Trials Wrath of Magmaroth

Master Trials Wrath of Magmaroth, rol met je dobbelstenen een sterk karakter bij elkaar. Na 10 ronden, moeten de spelers samen de machtige Magmaroth bestrijden, voordat de tijd om is.

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1 op voorraad

EAN: 729220070050

The Masters’ Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth is a cooperative dice-crafting game in which players represent the masters from the orders that have banded together to face the evil elemental. Each player has a board that represents their character and 5 dice which they use to apply the effects of their abilities. Each round they face new minions, generate mana and get to master new abilities, adding them on their characters. After 10 rounds, they come face to face with the powerful Magmaroth which they have to defeat before the whole volcano collapses around them.

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