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Dune A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy


Neem deel aan de bekendste science fiction verhaal aller tijden!  In Dune vertegenwoordig je 1 van de 4 grote facties; House Atreides, House Harkonnen, The Fremen of the Imperium.

Elk huis wil controle over de meest kostbare grondstof van Dune: melange.

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1 op voorraad

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Dune A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy,

Verscheep je troepen naar Dune, oogst de Melange, versla je tegenstanders en regeer over DUNE.


The game is played multiple phases, some of which don’t have player specific actions, like in the Spice phase, a Spice Blow card is drawn and spice is added to the board in two territories, or else a Sandworm attacks that last two territories where spice was placed. But on the card phase, each player draws up to a hand of 4 Battle cards, and then may purchase Market cards up to a hand of 3 for 2 spice each. On the Shipping and Movement Phase, players take turns adding forces to the board and then moving forces on the board. Each player’s faction has

The game plays 3 to 5 Rounds. Starting on Round 3, the game can end if a player occupies 3 strongholds at the end of the Round. If no one occupies 3 strongholds at the end of Round 5, then the player with the most spice wins (and each stronghold they occupy counts as 5 spice).


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